To install a package with expo just type:

$ expo install [package]

Used Packages/Components

  • react-native (does not need installation)

    • SafeAreaView: A view, but contain all the content in visible area of the phone. (just works on Iphone)
    • Platform: Get information about the running device.
    • StatusBar: Get information and dimensions about the status bar of the phone.
    • Dimensions: Get dimensions of the phone.
    • KeyboardAvoidingView: A view that modify the elements position when the keyboard is open.
    • FlatList: Component to create a list of items, something like map() of Javascript.
    • ActivityIndicator: Component to show load circle
  • expo

    • @expo/vector-icons: Use most common icons on expo, equivalent to react-icons package for React.
    • expo-font: Use customized fonts on expo.
    • @expo-google-fonts/[font]: Use a specific font from google fonts. package e.g.: @expo-google-fonts/inter
    • expo-app-loading: The splash screen as a component
    • lottie-react-native: Use animation on expo/react-native
  • misc:

    • RectButton from react-native-gesture-handler: Button component with native press style. Types: RectButtonProps.
    • Swipeable from react-native-gesture-handler/Swipeable: A view thats allows swipe it to any side, and render some component behind original component
    • react-native-iphone-x-helper: Misc help methods for Iphone X



The if conditional accepts a block without {}, like:

if (condition) return 'Hello Word'
if (condition) return 'Hello Word'